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Nick Lavery - dui attorney

CLIENT: Nick Lavery – DUI Attorney  DATES: 2016 – Present
WORK PERFORMED INCLUDED: Cayer Marketing worked with Nick Lavery to design and develop his DUI lawyer website and produced a series of web videos to help educate his clients on their legal rights. 

ABOUT THE CLIENT: Nick Lavery is a DUI attorney located in Clemson, South Carolina. 

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Pictured above is a lawyer website Cayer Marketing created for Clemson attorney Nick Lavery. Mr. Lavery specializes in DUI, Real Estate, Civil Litigation and other forms of law.

Cayer Marketing worked with the law firm to plan, produced and film a series of web vignettes. These short videos were designed to introduce Nick Lavery to the community and offer some commentary advice in the area of DUI litigation.