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jason J. Kim Dental labs

CLIENT: Jason J. Kim Dental Labs   DATES: 2013 – Present

MARKETING SERVICES PROVIDED: For the past 8 years, we have worked closely with Jason J. Kim Dental Labs with offices in NYC and Long Island. In addition to creating websites for both labs, we have designed and developed numerous marketing campaigns for the labs, educational events, and various product lines the lab has developed and supported. We also designed branding and promotional materials for a dental conference created and held by Jason J. Kim.

ABOUT JASON J. KIM DENTAL LABS:  Jason J. Kim is one of the most sought after dental technicians in the world! With an office in Manhattan and a production lab in Long Island, Jason J. Kim is responsible for some of the most dazzling smiles in Hollywood. We are currently redesigning the website for their lab on Long Island.

“It is a complete pleasure working with Greg Cayer and his team. He instantly understands our vison and standards of high quality design.  Our projects are completed in no time and handled in an extremely professional manner.”

Danel Burdo
Business Director –
Jason J Kim Oral Design New York


Pictured above is a website redesign for Jason J. Kim’s production dental lab in Long Island, New York. We are currently redesigning this site.

Event Website design

Pictured above is an event branding website design for an education conference designed, planned and produced by Jason J. Kim Dental Labs.

Dentist advertising

Over the years Cayer Marketing has designed and developed a variety of pre-approach sales sheets and brochure for several of the labs product lines.

Pictured above are few examples of marketing flyers we have designed and developed over the years for Jason J. Kim Dental labs.

Pictured above is the event branding logo design we created for the Amplify education conference planned and produced by Jason J. Kim Dental Labs. In addition to the logo design, we also came up with the conference name and brand identity.

Pictured above is one of the event branding pre-approach pieces we created for the Amplify education conference planned and produced by Jason J. Kim Dental Labs.