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Atlantis Luxury Pools

CLIENT: Atlantis Luxury Pools        DATES: 2016 – Present

ABOUT CLIENT: Founded in 2016, Atlantis Luxury Pools is a custom luxury pool builder & designer who specializes in turning a backyard into a private outdoor paradise.

WORK INCLUDED: Cayer Marketing with Atlantis Luxury Pools to develop a full branding strategy including logo design and brand guidelines, copywriting, photography, video marketing, drone video, print advertising, digital marketing, social media, and web design.

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60 Second spot – Company profile Commerical

Cayer Marketing filmed, edited and produced a 60-second commercial to support and strengthen the Atlantis Luxury Pool brand.

Branding Brochure

Print & Social Media Advertising

This is an example of an advertising campaign we created for promoting Atlantis Luxury Pools. This included the creation of a print media campaign as well as a strong social media campaign.

Custom Branding & Logo Design

Cayer Marketing created a branding strategy for developing and promoting a luxury brand for Atlantis. This included the creation of a powerful brand mark. The mark’s design is to give the viewer the sense of artistry behind the design.

Gallery of Photography

Cayer Marketing photographed a large number of custom pools built by Atlantis Luxury pools. These images were used in all promotional materials such as company brochures, websites, social media campaigns and direct mail. We do all photography in-house.